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birthgently - hypno-birthing courses, introductory workshops, hypnotherapy for pregnancy & aromatherapy pregnancy massage
in North Dorset and South Wilts with Kirsty Wick - hypno-birthing specialist

Hypnobirthing courses and workshops Dorset

The birthgently hypno-birthing courses and workshops teach simple and effective self-hypnosis, relaxation, breathing, visualisation and massage techniques to help you and your birth partner prepare for labour and more.
Pregnancy Massage and Hypnotherapy

Nurturing mother & baby with pregnancy massage & hypnotherapy. Safe, gentle & deeply relaxing treatments which can help alleviate common pregnancy related more.
About Hypnobirthing

Giving birth calmly, safely and gently is every woman's and every baby's birth right. A woman's body has been perfectly designed to give birth to her more.

A calmer, safer, gentler birth experience for mother, baby and birth partner.